Letter #6: Home Sweet Home

Just a few pictures of Fall in Cleveland.

Dear Cleveland,

This past weekend, Matt and I went to Chicago for a friend's wedding.

And, as we drove back to you in the middle of the night, after the ceremony and festivities had ended, I was sleepy but grateful to be returning to familiar scenery.

Sometimes, I need a break from you. Life anywhere can get monotonous, I suppose. And because my daily schedule is so established (and sometimes not very exciting), it can be easy to forget about all of your good qualities. I've become accustomed to driving on your roads, seeing your skyline, even taking in your natural beauty. More often than not, I rush from one thing to the next, never stopping to think about how much I appreciate you.

But coming back to you, after a much needed separation, was lovely. Feelings of comfort washed over me as I, for the millionth time, drove down your familiar streets. It was so nice to know I was home.



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