Roommates + Weekends

As life as gotten busier this space has gotten quieter. Or rather, silent.

 Life lately has been a blur of long work hours. Trying to maintain balance between work and the rest of life and then finding that I'm probably just over committing myself.

This past weekend, I escaped for a much needed roommate reunion weekend in Indiana. Two days of laughter, conversation, and food. I've returned to normal life rejuvenated, but also missing my best friends more than ever. We have been through so much together - living in another country, backpacking around Europe, relationships, break-ups, engagements, weddings, pregnancy, our families moving across the country or to other countries, good times and difficult times. We've lived together and done life together.

Now we live in four different states, but these friendships are still so important to me. It's good to be known.



Last week was made up of a thousand small but sacred moments.

Looking at twinkling lights on the ground out of the window of a plane and wondering about the lives down below. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and not having to wear a jacket. Arranging flowers with my mom. Cuddling with my kitten. Watching my dad play tennis. Seeing my brother on stage and realizing how much I have to be proud of in him.

I cried when I left Georgia and, for the millionth time in the past year, wished I didn't live eight hundred miles away from my family. But it's a blessing to have such a lovely family to miss.


Highs and Lows

Lately, I'm struggling with:

long work hours.
a difficult schedule.
an overwhelming amount of things to accomplish, more than seems humanly possible some days.

But I am blessed by so much more.

Beautiful, ice-covered trees and time to appreciate them on my drive downtown this morning.
The prospect of a relaxing weekend.
 A job that provides.
The anticipation of the wheel-throwing lessons that I just scheduled.
Hot beverages that warm my hands and, somehow, my soul.
Wonderful parents who are always willing to listen and offer advice.
A younger brother who respects my opinion and calls to ask me to edit his papers.
The summery taste of citrus fruit on a painfully cold day.
A generous boy who is making dinner for me tonight, just because I've had an exhausting week.

Happy Friday, Friends. What are you grateful for today?


Sob Story

She allowed the tears to begin rolling down her cheeks as soon as she saw him getting out of his car, but the sobbing didn’t begin until she had buried her face in his chest, could feel the solid weight of his arms around her. She was oblivious to the other restaurant patrons getting out of their cars and walking through the parking lot, only pausing briefly to wonder about the couple standing in the drizzling rain; a little girl held her mother’s hand and starred, a solemn look on her shamelessly inquisitive eyes.

She was only aware of the comfort she felt in his embrace, as if her feet were on solid ground for the first time that day. Her shoulders shook with spasms caused by her inability to catch her breath and she could feel her tears become cold as they touched the shoulder of his polyester coat. The waterproofing made them roll off, but not before they had hit her cheek again and mingled with the fresh, hot tears that were continuing to fall.

She knew he was concerned, knew he was choking back tears of his own, caused by her misery. He would do anything to make it better. He would give up his dreams if it would only make her happy. But she didn’t need that; she only needed to fall against him and to have him hold her up. She needed a few moments to let go of the facade, to stop being perfect and having it all together. Just a minute to stop striving. To be her imperfect, broken, often incapable self. And to know that he probably loved her more because of it.



Reading this book (again) and this beautiful magazine.

Baking with almond flour. I love this recipe for delicious, gluten-free cookies. Best I've discovered in a long time (they come out chewy and cinnamon-y and delicious).

Brewing this coffee (and supporting local roasters).

Playing this game with friends (and feeling surprisingly competitive but laughing a lot).

Looking at this photography project (and wishing that I had thought of it because the results are incredible).

What are you enjoying lately?