Last week was made up of a thousand small but sacred moments.

Looking at twinkling lights on the ground out of the window of a plane and wondering about the lives down below. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and not having to wear a jacket. Arranging flowers with my mom. Cuddling with my kitten. Watching my dad play tennis. Seeing my brother on stage and realizing how much I have to be proud of in him.

I cried when I left Georgia and, for the millionth time in the past year, wished I didn't live eight hundred miles away from my family. But it's a blessing to have such a lovely family to miss.


  1. Sweet. Why does it look like Marc has ice around him? It was so warm all weekend. We loved your visit and will treasure the memories!

    1. I think it was rock, not ice. But it did start to get a little chilly that evening!