Roommates + Weekends

As life as gotten busier this space has gotten quieter. Or rather, silent.

 Life lately has been a blur of long work hours. Trying to maintain balance between work and the rest of life and then finding that I'm probably just over committing myself.

This past weekend, I escaped for a much needed roommate reunion weekend in Indiana. Two days of laughter, conversation, and food. I've returned to normal life rejuvenated, but also missing my best friends more than ever. We have been through so much together - living in another country, backpacking around Europe, relationships, break-ups, engagements, weddings, pregnancy, our families moving across the country or to other countries, good times and difficult times. We've lived together and done life together.

Now we live in four different states, but these friendships are still so important to me. It's good to be known.

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