Reading this book (again) and this beautiful magazine.

Baking with almond flour. I love this recipe for delicious, gluten-free cookies. Best I've discovered in a long time (they come out chewy and cinnamon-y and delicious).

Brewing this coffee (and supporting local roasters).

Playing this game with friends (and feeling surprisingly competitive but laughing a lot).

Looking at this photography project (and wishing that I had thought of it because the results are incredible).

What are you enjoying lately?


  1. I've been meaning to say how much I've loved looking through your blog.

    I'm currently enjoying chocolate coffee, watching my paperwhites bloom, "Long Life Cool White" by Moyra Davey, and starting to think about buying a little place of our own (though not in Boston, as it's far too expensive).

    That photo project looks incredible, and so inspiring.

    1. Rebecca, Thank you for reading and for your lovely comment. I've really enjoyed looking through your blog as well. You take such beautiful pictures.

      Chocolate coffee and paperwhites sound like the perfect Winter combination! And I hope you're able to find somewhere in a great location outside of Boston. Perhaps when you find it and settle in, you can put up pictures on your blog and then I can be jealous of the cozy little place you have to call your own!