Today, I woke up and laid in bed for a few minutes, savoring the feeling of heavy, cozy blankets keeping me warm and the cold morning air making my nose cold.

Today, I showered, picked out an outfit, and got ready for work while enjoying a hot, strong cup of coffee.

Today, I left my apartment and walked into the cold, blustery morning while it was still pitch black outside.

Today, I drove into work and thought about how the commute into the city is nicer in the dark. All of the brake lights and headlights make bright patterns against the darkness. It's a time for me to slow down, to think, to be in the quiet of my car.

Today, I walked into work, turned on the lights to my office. Settled in for a busy day.

Today, I answered email. Organized. Planned. Delegated. Went to meetings. Made lists and checked things off of lists.

Tonight, I stopped at Goodwill on my way home to look for supplies for a new project. Sometimes I need a creative outlet after I spend all day exercising the analytical side of my personality.

Tonight, I cleaned my apartment and put my life back in order.

Tonight, I arranged mums and place them in vases around my apartment, loving their deep Fall colors and their simple beauty.

Tonight, I went grocery shopping for baking ingredients and then spent time making my apartment smell like pumpkin and cinnamon and Fall.

Tonight, I will crawl into bed, appreciating my heavy, cozy blankets and the lingering scent of baking. And I will fall asleep, tired after a full day.

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