Letter #5: It's in the Details

Dear Cleveland,

You inspire me.

I took a couple days off of work, because of scheduled appointments and to generally put my life in order. It's been the best week ever. Having time to be productive and to just be has really made me appreciate my life here so much more. 

There is something about the light here. Maybe it's all the overcast days. Maybe the clouds provide a filter for the harsh rays. But as your soft, vibrant light shines through the windows of my apartment, I am inspired. To be creative or to clean or to read or to rearrange furniture. All things I've done this week.

I know that you are a great place for activity. There are always thing to do and places to go. Festivals. Farmers markets. Parks. But you are also a great place to relax. To just appreciate and soak up life. 

This week has been all about noticing the details and being grateful for simple things.

Thanks for providing that, Dear Cleveland.



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  1. Lovely. Always nice to appreciate the simple things in life. Glad you had a great week.