B Spot

Over the weekend, Matt and I went out to lunch at B Spot Burger.

We have a bit of an obsession with burgers and it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The weather was breezy, but warm enough to enjoy being outside, so the open atmosphere of B Spot was lovely. While we were there, one of the umbrellas on the patio was lifted by the wind and thrown across several tables and into one of the patio heaters, which also livened up the experience!

I tried the New Jack City burger and Matt had the Kojak. Mine was good, but his was phenomenal. We'll definitely order it again. I'd also highly recommend the seasonal Pumpkin Pie shake. And the Lola Fries. With coffee barbecue sauce. Yum!

In related Cleveland news, Michael Symon's new book Carnivore comes out today! I've seen advertisements for several signings in the area and I'm hoping to make it to one.


  1. I never got a chance to try B-Spot, but if you haven't been to the Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City you have to try it. The beers are fenomenal and the food is great as well. Glad to see you getting Matt out and about, now get him to play video games online with Kyle and I!

  2. Matt and I are becoming burger aficionados. Sometime, when you and Maggie are in town, we'll have to go out to dinner somewhere with really good burgers. And I'll definitely have to check out the Market Garden Brewery. Haven't been there yet.

    And I'll tell Matt that he needs to schedule a boys night to play video games :)