I often realize once I'm in my car, halfway to wherever I'm going, that I've forgotten my camera. Don't you hate when that happens?

So, here are a few 'not pictured' events while spending some time in Hudson recently.

Hudson Art Fair. Hundreds of artists set up tents around downtown Hudson to display (and sell) their work. We found some beautiful pottery that I wanted, but didn't end up buying anything because, by the time we'd seen everything, I couldn't remember where I'd seen the things I wanted to buy!

Flip Side. Matt and I love the new trend of gourmet burger restaurants. We're thinking about creating a detailed chart to rate our favorites, based on categories like "Best Burger," "Best Sides," and "Best Condiments." We think that Flip Side would probably come out on top. Go try the sweet potato fries. They are to. die. for.

Hudson Library Book Sale. Happens on the first Saturday and the third Thursday of every month. And I just discovered it, so that means my library will be growing even more in the future (which might be a problem because books are already OVERTAKING my apartment!!!).

Taste of Hudson. People-watching at the Taste of Hudson was probably even better than the festival itself. Small children with brightly colored hair and painted faces. High schoolers trying to impresses their friends. Cute families. 

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