Cleveland Garlic Festival

One of the things I love most about Cleveland is the sense of community surrounding food.

There is loyalty towards and pride in local restaurants, farms, and markets. It's the only place I've ever lived where I can feel like I belong to something simply by going out to eat or purchasing produce from a local farmer's market. Chefs and farmers are local celebrities.

The Cleveland Garlic Festival is a perfect representation of this. Farmers, chefs, and amateur foodies from all over the area gather in one place to celebrate naturally raised, well prepared, just-plain-good food.

Matt and I spent the afternoon on Saturday with his sister and brother-in-law, wandering around the festival, which took place at Shaker Square.

We went to garlic tastings (and tried garlic that was SPICY, but delicious). We watched cooking competitions. We saw a Vitamix demonstration (that made my heart beat a little faster. Someday I will own one!). We heard about local restaurants that we've never been to and would love to try.

We created pipe dreams about one day owning a restaurant or bakery. But, even if we never do, it's nice to know that we're already part of something in Cleveland when it comes to loving good food.

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