Letter #3: Country Mouse, City Mouse

Dear Cleveland,

I am a girl of extremes and of contradictions.

I am equally as extraverted as I am introverted. Just as Type A as I am Type B. And I can never decide if I am detail-oriented or if I see the big picture. 

Along the same lines, I feel equally comfortable in the city and in the country.

Lately, I have been grateful for the close proximity of your downtown and your wide open spaces.

Every day, I experience the pulse that is generated by busy intersections at rush hour, professionals wearing business attire and crowding local restaurants on their lunch breaks, and gangly teenagers in skinny jeans with asymmetrical haircuts sitting on the curb outside of Phoenix Coffee.

Yet, in a matter of minutes, I can feel a million miles away from the city. Honking car horns are replaced by chirping birds. Skyscrapers become a canopy of towering trees. I can walk along paths in the Metro-Parks. Or, as I did this weekend, have a cook-out with friends who own farm animals.

In the same day or even the same hour, I can go from one extreme to the other.

And so, Dear Cleveland, I thank you for being a small and accessible city.



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  1. Love this letter! Beautifully written and great description of Cleveland--and You!