There was so much going on in Cleveland this weekend...

and we didn't do any of it.

Between my job and Matt's classes, life has been crazy lately and a couple of days to relax was exactly what we needed. 

The weather has been GORGEOUS. Mid-70s and sunny during the day, cool at night. The perfect weather for a dress and boots. Or jeans and flannel shirts. 

This weekend, we went to a bike shop and found the perfect bike (which I will buy and ride every day, hopefully soon!). We got lunch at Swenson's and ate it at the park. We saw my big brother and his family, spent some time with my precious nieces. Took naps. Drank coffee. Had a cookout with some friends who are becoming dearer to us lately. Laughed and cried and talked. 

It was one of those weekends that I wished would last forever.

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