My thoughts lately have been circling around the ideas of creative outlet, self-expression, and reflection.

There is much that could be said on this topic but the condensed version of my conclusions is something like this: Everyone requires time to reflect and to fully be themselves, which is what an outlet provides. Allowing time for creativity, expression, and reflection provides a chance to immerse ourselves in something we truly enjoy, something that is at the core of our individual beings, something that provides relaxation because it allows us to become completely ourselves while we are doing it. 

The exact form the outlet takes differs for each individual because our personalities, interests, desires, etc. are vastly different. For example, Matt winds down by creating processes, fixing things, using the mechanical part of his mind. I, on the other hand, am the opposite. My outlet has to be something that is free-flowing, that is less dependent on set structure and organization.

I've also been thinking about collaboration. The importance of sharing with others, being spurred on and inspired by discussion, having ideas evolve as new contributions are made. Individual reflection can hatch brilliant ideas, but the next step in the process is allowing those ideas to take root and develop as they are shared.

As Matt and I have discussed these ideas, we've felt prompted to grow together creatively this year by taking on a project that combines a couple of our interests: photography and music.

We are please to present our new project, Album. Album is a collaborative effort that will hopefully drive us to expand our creative abilities, while sharing some of our photography. 

Each month will highlight one album that holds significance for us. Each week, we will post a picture that each of us have taken, inspired by the album.

To follow along with our project, visit the Album page, which can be found HERE

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