I still think of time in terms of semesters. With Matt in school, I’ll probably continue to mentally break the year into units for a while longer. I guess a sixteen year habit isn’t easily changed.

But time is so different now. As a student, time accomplishes things, even when you don’t. Just by the passing of time, milestones are reached. A semester ends and you move onto new classes. Changes happen, with minimal effort, with only the passing of time.

Now, one month blurs into the next and all of time is numbingly alike. Even the season change doesn’t impact me like it used to. Most of the day is spent inside the same gray-walled building. The weather might as well be gray and feel like a thermostat set to seventy degrees.

And what I’ve discovered is that I have to set my own milestones and create my own accomplishments. I thrive when I’m busy. It took me a year to settle down and create a life here in Cleveland, but now I’m busy. And thriving, I hope.

Things are good lately. I’m wearing a lot of hats. Coordinator. Girlfriend. Intern. Contributor. Volunteer. Friend. Aunt. Sister. The more the better, in my book. I do well with going from one thing to another. With constantly changing roles, switching activities, keeping my mind active.

And even though the passing of time isn’t the same as it was a couple of years ago, maybe it’s better. Maybe it forces me to be more intentional, to set my own goals. Maybe I’ll accomplish even more this way.

pictures taken in a beautiful window at the West Side Market

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