These pictures were taken while Matt and I were listening to some new (to us) albums. I insisted that the only way to really listen to a record is while lying on the floor. He humored me.

I am an INFJ

He is an INTJ.

That one varied letter makes a world of difference.

I love talking about relationships and people.
He thinks it's meaningless chatter.

I am rejuvenated by long, in-depth conversations.
He is drained by them.

He loves process and systems. Coming up with new solutions.
I like rule-keeping and people-pleasing.

He understands theoretical concepts easily.
I have to think deeply and slowly make connections to make sense of things around me.

We don't use words in the same way.

Sometimes I wonder how we are together. And yet here we are, after five years, more in love than we ever have been.

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