I am filled with gratitude for so many things.

1. Experiences that have enriched my life and contributed to making me who I am. Places I've been able to visit. Incredible people I've met. 

           Sugar Loaf Mountain, Ireland

                                           Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

         Paris, France

         Sea of Galilee, Israel

2. Dear friends who have weathered so many experiences by my side. Living in another country, difficult classes and studying, late night conversations and pie baking, boyfriends, engagements, weddings, and babies.

          photo credit: Kaitlin Rasband 

3. Family that I don't get to see often enough.

4. This boy, who constantly makes me laugh, enjoys a good burger as much as I do, pretends to like having dance parties with me, always holds my hand, lets me cry even when I get mascara on his shirt, and makes sure I know how much he loves me. 

My life is full and I am overwhelmingly blessed. 

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