A Lot Like Christmas

                                                         photo credit: Christine Reichard

One of the unexpected blessings of having Matt in my life has been getting to know his family, feeling like I've become a part of his family, participating in their holidays and traditions.

Over the weekend, we went to cut down a Christmas tree, which was a new experience for me. Growing up, I always had a real tree-- one that had a sharp, pine scent and needles that poked if you got too close-- but never one that we cut down ourselves. Walking through a snow-covered field of trees, picking out the right one, chopping it down, and then enjoying hot chocolate by a fire afterwards made it feel like the Christmas season has begun.


  1. I love this, great photos, especially the one of the saws :)

    1. Thanks, Calvin! I think Matt enjoyed the saws too. With his beard and his flannel and his tree-chopping ability, he was like a full-blown lumber jack :)