Letter #9: Days Like Ireland

pictures of Ireland, in the rain

Dear Cleveland,

You are cold and rainy and wintery.

Your transition from Fall to Winter constantly reminds me of my time living in Ireland.

And I love it.

All I have to do is step outside and hear the wind or feel my shoes being soaked through with freezing cold rain. And suddenly, I am transported back to an incredible time in my life. 

This weather makes me miss riding the DART along the coast. I miss Irish tea and pureed vegetable soup. And fish and chips from the local chipper. I miss flower vendors and buskers in Dublin. I miss friends who would tell me to drop in some time for tea and scones and really mean that I should just drop in some time. I miss constantly being within view of the sea and mountains. I even miss my electric shower that would turn off if a fuse blew and having separate hot and cold faucets on my bathroom sink.

In most ways, Cleveland, you are nothing like Ireland. Thank you for reminding me of my favorite place on earth in this one, small way.



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