Letter #8:Bargain Shopping

Dear Cleveland,

You are the best place for shopping that I've ever been.

I know that Cleveland, Ohio is not known as a great city for shopping or as a forerunner of fashion. When most people think of great places to shop, they probably think of New York City, Paris, San Francisco. Definitely not Cleveland.

But I've never been anywhere with so many thrift stores and overstock stores. Not to mention the fact that the cost of living here is low enough that even regular stores sell their products for less.

This weekend, I needed a couple of things for Marc's party. I ended up finding supplies to make a couple of cake stands. And I got a pitcher for just a few dollars.

I don't love shopping, but I do love finding good deals. And, while it might be frivolous to appreciate the abundance of thrift stores in the area, as someone who lives on a tight budget but loves decorating and design, I love being able to get what I need inexpensively.

Cleveland, you are a paradise for bargain shoppers and crafters. 



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  1. I love thrifting in Cleveland!! You can really find some treasures :)