Saturday Afternoon

One of the things I love most about living in Cleveland is being able to spend time with family.

Until I moved back, I hadn't lived by any of my brothers in years. One of the biggest blessings of returning to this area is that I am near two of my brothers, both of their wives, and my nieces.

This afternoon, I was able to spend some time with one of my beautiful nieces while my sister-in-law participated in a craft fair (visit her Etsy shop to purchase her adorable, handmade baby items!). 

We drew pictures, played with bubbles, and went for a walk. She's at that age where she's starting to communicate more clearly and her personality is blossoming. I love every minute I'm able to spend with her. 


  1. Could you post a link to that terrific Etsy shop?

    Darling picture!

  2. The link is there. Just click on the words "Etsy shop"!

  3. Thanks--I have much to learn. :)